The Elven Pantheon

Belaunus, God of the Elves
Neutral Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Sun
Sub-Domains: Agathion, Resurrection, Resolve, Day
Role: Sun God, Father of the Elves, Son of Sune

Tesevu Vallmuhun, Goddess of Magic
Neutral Good
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Good
Sub-Domains: Memory, Arcane, Wards
Role: Elven Goddess of Magic, Blessed of Zhurt, Daughter of Belaunus and Norgaladiell

Norgaladiell, Elven Goddess of Love, Mother of the Elves, Wife of Belaunus
Chaotic Good
Domains: Chaos, Good, Charm, Community
Sub-Domains: Azata, Love, Family
Role: Goddess of Love, Mother of Elves, Lover of Belaunus

Raethalor, God of War
Chaotic Good
Domains: Chaos, Good, Protection, War
Sub-Domains: Azata, Defense, Tactics
Role: Elven God of War

Lawful Evil
Domains: Law, Evil, Water, Fire Trickery, Magic
Sub-Domains: Arcane, Ash, Deception, Devil, Divine, Smoke, Ice
Portfolio: Tyranny, Slavery, Pride, Contracts
Alternative Names: Oddone, Throst, Yan Bo, Ilrune
Role: The Prince of Darkness, Father of Lies, Lord of Nessus, Ruler of Hell, Archangel of Trickery, The Beast, the Morning Star, Second Son of Sune

St. Felynayne, Patron Saint of Good Drow
Chaotic Good
Domains – Chaos, Good, Charm, Darkness
Type: Saint

The Elven Pantheon

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