Amarun Estara

Rulers: Her Imperial Majesty, Khagatun Tari Pelinelthel, Queen of the Desert Elves
Government: Nomadic Horde (Elven Khaganate)
Primary Race: Desert Elves
Primary Religion: The Elven Pantheon
Slavery?: No
Alignment: Chaotic Good

The Desert Elves of Amarun Estara are a tenacious and intelligent people with little in the way of a centralized government. Amarun Estara is controlled by 3 powerful nomadic clans, who value fertile land more than either martial prowess or magic. The chief concern of these warriors is having enough grazing land to feed their horses and livestock.

Hierarchy of Amarun Estara:

Khagan – Emperor/Empress, head of the most powerful clan in the region.
Khan – Clan Leader, head of one of the other two powerful clans in the region.
Clansmen – These people make up the foundation of the nomadic social structure of Amarun Estara. There is no formal aristocracy; the strongest warrior, or the most powerful mage, is elected to lead a clan.

Amarun Estara

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