Principality of Lokerschot


Head of State: Grand Prince Iosif de Tomoiaga
Head of Government: Chancellor Promqu, Lord Mayor of Huerig
Government: Merchant Republic
Languages: Catfolk, Lavadieu
Primary Races: Catfolk
Primary Religion: The Path of Shadow
Slavery? No
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: Lokerschot is an oligarchic principality governed by six Princes, chief among which is the Grand Prince. Upon the death of the Grand Prince, a new Grand Prince is elected from among the heads of each Princely Estate. The Grand Prince holds little power in practice, and is effectively a figurehead.

1. Princely Estate of Tomoiaga, Yeoris
2. Princely Estate of Plesu, Stowucan
3. Princely Estate of Artenie, Shilum
4. Princely Estate of Pangratiu, Caettoca
5. Princely Estate of Andreescu, Teobia
6. Princely Estate of Vianu, Hulia
7. Minor Republic of Adraolt
8. Minor Republic of Cristușineu
9. Minor Republic of Huerig

Principality of Lokerschot

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