Rulers: His Majesty, Aran en’ i’ Tel’Quessir, Aran Naeryndam
Government: Magocratic Monarchy
Primary Races: High Elves, Wood Elves
Chief Religion: The Elven Pantheon
Slavery? No
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Despite its location, Northwood remains fairly temperate year round, experiencing only mild winters and warm summers.

The High Elves value Intelligence just as much as, if not more than, martial Prowess… But are perfectionist in all pursuits. Thus, Northwood is ruled by a council of noble mages, spearheaded by the Aran(King). When the Aran dies, a successor is chosen not from the Aran’s children per se, but instead from among the most intelligent and powerful mages on the council. Northwood is an ancient land, with a government and society that predate the feudal lords of the Hessen Empire, or even the bureaucracy of the Aoman Empire. It is one of the most advanced civilizations in the world.

Hierarchy of Northwood:

Aran – King of the Elves. The land ruled by the Aran is called the Kingdom of Northwood.
Taren – Prince; there 15 Tarens ruling over the 15 Principalities of Northwood. Each Principality is ruled by a powerful noble mage. Land ruled by a Taren is called a Principality.
Earl – Count; these are the provincial governors of Northwood. Lands controlled by an Earl are called Provinces. Earls are appointed by a Taren. The title is not hereditary in Northwood.
Heru – Lords; usually noble warriors or mages, but sometimes powerful merchants, these nobles form the backbone of the Elven aristocracy. Any Heru can be elevated to the status of Earl, but only powerful mages can become Tarens. Thus, only powerful mages can become Arans. Lands owned by a Heru, if any, are called Manors. Heru status is hereditary, but commoners can join the Heru class through various routes.
Merchant – As in any land, merchants are the foundation of the economy of Northwood.
Commoner – Elven common folk are not feudal serfs, but are instead free to pursue any walk of life they choose. Serfdom does not exist in Northwood.


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