High Kingdom of Altenheim


Head of State: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Adelard von Brosch
Head of Government: His Imperial Highness, Prince Klaus von Brosch, Prime Minister of the Hessen Empire
Government: Imperial Capital, Absolute Monarchy
Races: Human

Meerfurd is the rich capital city of the empire, ruled by the Emperor; it’s a hub for trade and education, with a University that trains nobles and wealthy burghers in disciplines ranging from warfare to magic, from politics to science.

1. Crown Lands of Reichstadt
2. Duchy of Ummerholz
3. Duchy of Weilhöring
4. Duchy of Hallenwerd
5. Duchy of Vollenrade
6. Duchy of Großennow
7. Duchy of Thannholz
8. Duchy of Großfelden
9. Duchy of Eibennow
10. Duchy of Answeil
11. Duchy of Biesenbeck

High Kingdom of Altenheim

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